December 30, 2013

Bringing in the New Year

New Year's Day might just be my favorite holiday.  Well, maybe a close second behind Thanksgiving.

Last year's New Year's, or rather the first day of this year, turned me on to the idea.  I know that it is a cliche time for renewal and organization and health - or at least it is the best time for these things according to all magazines ever.  But I also think that the Marthas and the Real Simples of the world are on to something.

As I get older and further away from thinking on a semester system, the New Year really is just that. After the lovely, lazy summer ends, we are all in a rush to get back to projects, go back to school, pull in the harvest, winterize our lives, and hole up for the cold, clean months ahead - but not before squeezing every social second out of the last six weeks of the calendar year and letting it go out with a bang. We set ourselves up to need the new beginning that January First offers us.  I, for one, can barely wait.

Now, being a list person (love them!), I was tempted to write some type of "Worst Of" list for 2013 and then cheerfully outweigh it with a "Best Of" one.  Ugh, I know.  And perhaps not the best way to start 2014.  Of all the cheesy Pinterest quotes I've waded through, there are one or two I actually found inspiring, so in the end "don't trip over something behind you" is my main theme for my annual reboot.

I've also come up with a few good resolutions this year.  I'll mostly keep them private, so I feel less guilty when I let one or two of them slide...and also, I know no one will even know if I limit my Facebook check-ins to twice a day or not.  One of the resolutions, however, is to foster my friendships and make more food for my loved ones.  It doesn't hurt that I've been practicing by virtually making food for all of you nearly every week in 2013 (that would have been on the Best Of list!).

Since Christmas, I haven't been doing much cooking - hey, did I mention the holiday rush? But I have been planning for the first meal I'm cooking for friends on the first day of 2014.  My thoughts are to keep it simple: eggs and potatoes and biscuits, with a surprise or two thrown in.  So during this break from cooking, and in lieu of year-end lists, I thought I would post a review in pictures from the past few weeks.

Happy New Year!

[Rabbit rabbit.]

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