April 8, 2013

Something's Brewing Here

Usually when something's brewing around here it's coffee.  And occasionally, kombucha.  But this time, it's a new creative project!

I haven't let go of idea that I'd like to produce something in print form.  Omnivora became a blog instead of a quarterly magazine.  But I've been thinking... wouldn't it be nice to have a little something to hold in your hands? A special copy of a special recipe?

From time to time, I'm going to put together a little zine for you that focuses on a recipe that I particularly liked.  I'll try my best to make them pretty and produce them quarterly.  Hey...that's kind of entering the territory of my initial idea fo this whole thing!

I used to have a little candy shop on Etsy. To the chagrin of my sweet-toothed friends, I've closed the shop and I haven't had taste tests available for sampling or a pocketful of honey lavender caramels to share. BUT, if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and he'll be fed forever.* Now some of my secret candy recipes will be available to in zine form.

While you're waiting, a couple candy recipes are available online here and here. If you want other recipes, they are listed and linked on my Kitchen tab.

Oh, and the zines will be available on Etsy, when I get my shop up and running again.  I'll probably change the shop name from Fahrenheit to Omnivora, but we'll see.

Thank you for reading about my new endeavor! I hope you like what I will put together.

*Btw, I loved Arrested Development (the band, but the show's not bad either).

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  1. boy do i miss those honey lavender caramels ;-)

    i love the zine idea!