April 8, 2013

Pies, Pies, Pies!

I just found out about The Humble Pie Store, right by my work in the Baker Neighborhood of Denver.

Fitting right in with a generally great "Everything My Heart Desires" Day last Friday, I heard about the shop and got to sample its wares all within the first few hours of work.  I also got to enjoy the perfect weather in my newly-made dress, books long awaited on my holds list at the library came in, and a lovely gentleman brought me some coffee beans to replenish my daily supply.

Not only all of that, but I started planning my next step with the blog, which I announced a few hours ago in the post below!  I suggest you get in on that.

Back to the pie, however.  My coworker was inspired to check out Humble Pie after a little workplace discussion about it, and she treated us to a Peanut Butter and Ganache Pie!  As you can see, it was beautifully made and tasted wonderful. I mean, peanut butter and chocolate?! One my absolute faves.

I quizzed her about the store itself, and I have been assured that it is quite nice and now we are all looking forward to having future lunches there, perhaps a slice of savory pie followed by sweet.  I hear they have coffee and (Sweet Action) ice cream, too.

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