April 29, 2013

Final Frost Date

The Farmer's Almanac, or perhaps the Cooperative Extension Office in Fort Collins, has predicted that Denver's last frost of the cold season would occur on or before tomorrow, April 30th.

Late season cosmos in 2009.

It turns out we are scheduled for yet another spring cold snap on Wednesday, but I think the April 30th prediction is close enough.  The sun and warmth yesterday almost fooled me into planting out my garden...but I caught myself in time...and I had plenty of other garden chores to work through.

At work on Saturday, it was becoming difficult to stay inside when we were finally getting a perfect spring day. On the other hand, I worked with someone I don't get to see very often and she let me in on a good deal for compost right down the street. I checked it out after work, received excellent service (my order was loaded into my car for me!), and hauled home seven bags of compost and top soil for ten bucks!

Last summer's garden after some rain...and before the back lot was cleaned up.

Also luckily, I'm someone who takes my breaks, which helps me work better. I opted for a fresh air and a walk for my afternoon break, which added a little bit more time in my day to enjoy the weather.  That was a good decision, because I had a busy day, a full schedule, and it was tricky getting out of work on time.

By the way, the second a business (or any place that has posted hours) closes, get your butt out of there. So not cool to wait to be told to leave and keep employees past the posted closing time.  EVER.  Unless you are an employee or are waiting for an employee with their permission. Life advice for those who have never worked in customer service and like to get paid when they are required to be their place of employment.


A pretty salad from my first garden, complete with nasturtium and borage flowers.

I think the garden will really be able to take off after this last freeze.  It may be a bit of a cool start to May, but we are getting very close to the days we are wishing for rain, shade, and ice cold beverages.  Those happen to be my favorite days, so I decided to reminisce by looking through my past garden pictures.  Luckily, many of them are dated and now I don't feel like my garden is far behind this year.

This is a recent photo - first lady beetle of the season in my own back yard.

I planned on writing about the final frost date today for the past month. In my dreams, I envisioned new pictures of my first garden-fresh salads and perennial flowers.  Well, my garden-fresh greens are all less than an inch tall and I don't want to harvest all of them for just a sprout salad.  I'll settle for the possibility of picking strawberries and greens and peas in about a month.  I have a feeling the time will pass in the blink of an eye.

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