March 28, 2013

Signs of Spring

Only four days ago the weather was cold, cold, cold.

And today it's about in the sixties, a good temperature for the end of March. Most of the seeds I started a couple weeks ago are up, the garden is just about prepared, and the earliest spring flowers are full bloom.

One might think that I have spend the past couple of days sowing lettuce and radishes, turnips and bok choy- especially after discovering some of last year's scarlet runner beans, intact, out in the garden. I had the best intentions, but instead I let the garden stay in deep freeze while I neglected household chores and made (another) dress. But hey, with the two dresses I completed this month, I am a little readier for spring.

Others will be spending this Sunday with their families (Happy Easter!), but I will finally get some seeds in the ground.  Maybe even the start of a lawn this year!  (Don't get your hopes up, neighborhood, I say that every year.)  When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, I am ready to get out there, with the dream of this year's harvest.  What's  now a small windowsill of tiny shoots will turn into three dozen quarts of tomatoes to last the rest of the year and possibly the best pesto anyone has ever had (recipe to come late summer).

It's hard to believe that in about five months, I will be waiting for these last green tomatoes to ripen while the threat of frost is imminent. Here's to spring and regrowth... and to the departure of dark, bitter winter.  That's what this weekend's holiday is really all about, right?

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